Automatic Soybean Peelling Machine

  • Uses : Automatic soybean peelling machine can separate the shells of nuts: soybeans, green beans, black beans, peanuts, …
  • Capacity: 200 kg/h (SPM200), 300 kg/h (SPM300), 500kg/h (SPM500)… depending on customer’s request.

Thông tin sản phẩm

– For a long time, soy products such as tofu, milk,… have become familiar foods to us. When cooking soy milk with the shell on, it can affect the taste of the milk, eating a lot of soybeans with the shell on will cause bloating and indigestion because the shell contains sugar that cann’t be absorbed by the body. Soybean shelling makes it difficult for manufacturers, so Tech Garden has researched and manufactured an Automatic Soybean Peelling Machine .

– The automatic soybean peelling machine can separate the shells of nuts: soybeans, green beans, black beans, peanuts,…

– After entering the hopper, the machine is based on the principle of impact force and pressure of the roller to separate the shell, the seed part will be output one way, the shell part will output another pipe from the propeller system. After separating the soybean seeds, the shell will be clean, the nutrient content will not be lost.

– Smart design, easy to operate, fast separation time, saving labor, productivity is superior to manual method (for maximum separation, soya beans should be dried).

– Material: 304 stainless steel, durable, beautiful, resistant to environmental impacts, ensuring durability and food safety.

– Soybean peelling machine has many capacities: 200 kg/h (SPM200), 300 kg/h (SPM300), 500 kg/h (SPM500)… depending on customer requirements.

In addition, Tech Garden designs and manufactures machines according to customers’ requirements.

Soybean peeling machine
Soybean peeling machine

Video Soybean peelling machine.

soybeans after separation
soybeans after separation

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The machine is manufactured and distributed by Tech Garden Company nationwide.

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